About CodeWriteCreate Studios

The who, what and why of what we do…

Hi! I’m Jon Stone…

CodeWriteCreate Studios is a small operation with a focus on big results. While it’s mostly a one-man operation, I understand that just because I can do everything doesn’t mean other’s couldn’t do it better…

So from time to time, I rely on talented graphic artists, video producers, audio technicians and other specialized professionals. But everything is vetted and approved to ensure the highest quality.

My personal strengths lie in web design, WordPress customization and content marketing.

I’ve been working with WordPress for more than 6 years both as a designer and content creator. With more than 100 sites under my belt either from an editorial or design role, I’ve seen a wide range of both what the platform is capable of and the best practices to ensure optimal performance, security and smooth operation.

The Informal Stuff

When I’m not buried in a code editor or flinging files around the world, you’ll probably find me reading, researching healthcare trends and technology, or enjoying the company of my kids.

As winters in Western New York tend to get interesting, there’s a good chance I’m toting around a cup of coffee and grumbling about snow as well.

I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge and find the progression of modern web design and technologies fascinating. I’ve spent nearly a decade in one form of online marketing and web design niche or another but found WordPress to be an ideal platform for building sites that are not only functional, but approachable to users and business owners as well.

Three years ago, I decided to specialize in WordPress and haven’t looked back!

My Various Online Platforms

If you’d like to get in touch or see what I’m up to without using the contact form, you’ll probably find me here: